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The Rocky Mountain State Society of AMT is comprised of members and students living in the beautiful states of Colorado and Wyoming. I would like to invite students, prospective members, new member, and old members to be part of our state society meetings. Here's how it works: This organization meets biannually in the spring and fall. A welcoming party is generally scheduled the evening before the meeting with good times, good food, and an opportunity for networking. A spring meeting will generally be held in April or May. It will consist of a business meeting that will include the nominations of National Conventions delegates and state awards. The fall meeting will be scheduled in September or October. The general business meeting will include election of state officers and board members if needed. At the spring and fall meetings, the afternoon is filled with guest speakers to expand our knowledge in the healthcare field. We always have a wide range of topics in hope that everyone will learn something new while earning their CEU's. The board of directors will also meet biannually. We will hold the meetings immediately after the completion of the educational sessions. This will help ease the burden  of travel since we cover such a large area. 

For our next RMSSAMT meeting be sure to check the website for updates and read your newsletter and minutes for details.

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