Hall of Memories

-Roscoe "Rocky" Worthington Lamplugh

"Rocky", as everyone called him, was born on 9 December 1931 in San Diego, California to Doris Lucille (Miller) and Roscoe Worthington Lamplugh, Sr. where he spent his childhood in the small countryside of Ramona, California.

It was here he discovered his love for animals and the outdoors. His Grandfather (George Miller) taught him to use a rifle and Rattlesnake Hunt with his horse "Thunder". Grandpa Miller also taught Rocky how to rid their property of gophers for a profit, and paid Rocky 25 cents for every dead gopher he delivered.

But hunting down rattlesnakes and gophers was just the beginning of his love of sport. Admittedly he would tell he was a "so-so" card player (bridge and poker), but Rocky was an accomplished tennis player, bowler, ice skater, and golfer. He would hike through back trails of Yosemite and various canyons here in Fort Collins-- and whenever possible, ride and jump his horses where ever and whenever he could. He loved fishing and sailing -- whether it is in the ocean, a river, or lake. He embraced every aspect of what life had to offer. 

Professionally, Rocky was hoping to become a veterinarian, and studied at UC Davis for 2 years. But circumstances did not allow him to complete the curriculum. He joined the army 1n 1953 where he trained to be a medical laboratory technician. This education led to the foundation for obtaining advance degrees in this field. He established medical laboratories in Japan and ultimately built his own medical laboratory business(s) in California. He then mentored and trained others who wanted to get into the field. And, in the last few years of his retirement he provided lectures to hospitals, doctors offices, and veterinarian facilities on OSHA requirements.

Rocky was elected to the AMT Board in 2001 at our Nassau Bahamas Convention. He joined AMT in January 1, 1954. He suffered a massive stroke in the spring of 2005. After years of working with and in AMT he could not return to us fully recovered. He died on February 22, 2018.